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Ana's Christmas

Our mission is simple: Visit northern Mexico to sponsor a Christmas Celebration for children from under-resourced families, and deliver much needed clothing and basic necessities to men and women incarcerated in a local prison.


Seeds of Life is excited to launch a campaign in northern Mexico. This is a new venture for for us as we are foraying outside of northern Brazil for the first time. Many of our team members have strong connections with vetted humanitarian groups in Mexico and other areas of Central America. Thus, taking advantage of this opportunity in Mexico is a no-brainer.

In the summer of 2015, the family of one of our faithful team members traveled to the Baja of Mexico for a humanitarian aid mission sponsored by Azusa Pacific University.

A profound connection was made with “Ana,” a former prisoner, who devoted her life to caring for women in the local prison and over 500 children in her community. Our team leader was so touched she brought “Ana’s”story back to the United States.

Every December, our team leader takes a group of humanitarians from the United States to Mexico. And, each year they visit the men and women in prison and give gifts to dozens of children.  

Sadly, in the fall of 2018, “Ana” suffered a devastating stroke, and passed away shortly thereafter. However, her legacy lives on through the dedicated efforts of volunteers in Mexico and our team from the United States.

This year, Seeds of Life is raising money to pay for clothing for the women and men in the local prison who have no money or family to help with basic necessities.

Also, our team will sponsor a Christmas Celebration for dozens of children in the surrounding community.

What greater way to spread joy than by these simple acts of kindness. Often the greatest reward comes when we are able to put a smile on the face of someone who has less than ourselves.


Your donation will make December a bit brighter for those who have so little.  And, just like all of our other campaigns, your entire donation will go directly to support this effort. 


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