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Protecting the Perimeter

So much of the time we go through life without realizing there are gaps in the walls. The walls are the protective measures we put in place to safeguard our minds, bodies, and souls. The gaps are the small, yet penetrable compromises in the way we protect ourselves from physical and emotional traps that left unchecked, will most certainly prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Similarly, we have to be mindful of the gaps in the protective walls of the physical property we are given charge over. With this in mind, we are delighted with the continued progress of the Community Center in Curionopolis, Para, Brazil. The building is the center of community activity for dozens of families who would otherwise be without the services and centralized place of community involvement the Center provides.

Unfortunately, there are some who don't share the same sentiment. Rather, they would take advantage of the lack of physical security and eventually undermine the progress we have made in construction and the habitation of the Center.

To address the threat of theft and vandalism, we recently funded the construction of a perimeter wall around the Center. The wall, as well as the Center itself, is humble in nature, yet it will serve its purpose in protecting the investment so many of you have contributed your time and treasure to see to fruition.

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