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Just Cause - The Reason We Go

Humanitarian Aid in Brazil

Why would someone spend their time and money to help people half-way around the world? I’ve answered this question or variations of this question dozens of times. The answer is quite simple: We go because we are passionate about seeing lives, families, and communities transformed.

Each time we go with new team members, I sit back and watch as amazement washes over them. And, each time, without fail, the first-time team member becomes a repeat traveler. The reason – the overwhelming feeling of making a tangible difference; in addition, the instant bond of friendship one forms with our hosts. Another question that is often presented is: Why not just send the money you spend on travel to a local non-profit?The answer is simple – the passion created by actually putting one’s feet on the ground, and putting your hands to work; taking part in bring about generational change is worth more than the price of the trip.

The energy and vision that team members bring back to the United States is contagious, generating more people who want to go the next time. Also, team members spread the word of the good work being done to those in their circles of influence. Resulting in more and more people who support this just cause.

Now to you, the reader of this article – you can be part of making a difference right now. Seeds of Life is taking a small team of humanitarians to the Lower Amazon Basin in June of this year. Each team member is paying for the trip themselves, meaning no donor money is used to support travel. In fact, all donor money for this trip will go DIRECTLY to families who are in need of rescue right now.

Please consider donating to one of our short term giving campaigns, 0 to 5 NOW or Amazon Basin Rescue. Your gift, regardless of the amount, is tax deductible, and will be used in a very tangible way to bring relief to individuals and families.

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