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The Poor of Para Brazil

Brazil has one of the highest income inequalities in the world. This is especially true in the Amazon region where mining is king. Mining companies make tremendous profits, but the poor in these regions have little resources and even less hope for change.

Poverty and caring for the poor is certainly something most people are concerned about. It's horrible to see so many people struggling to get by in life. For instance, here in the United States, homlessness is rampant in most major cities. Many homeless Americans suffer from mental health problems and addiction.

It's not only homelessness, there are also thousands of under-resourced people all across our land. So, when it comes to caring for the poor, there is a strong argument that we should "take care of our own before we take care of the rest of the world."

I agree, we should do what is right to take care of all Americans. However, it's also true that the resources available to our poor and disadantaged are far superior to those in virtually every underdevelopled country in the world.

For example, many people living in the lower Amazon state of Para have little to no assistance available to them. Some of the communities we work in, like Serra Pelada, have very few mechanisms for individual and family advancement. Thus, most people living in the community are destined for generational poverty.

Our goal is to see systemic poverty in places like Serra Pelada reversed in one generation. We focus our efforts on making lasting impact on the world by affecting One Person, One Family, and One Community at a time.

We have seen amazing success stories over the last decade in places like the Vila Feliz Project in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Where entire families are being transformed through literacy projects, sports, arts, and intense family interventions.

Another succss story is found in Conde, Brazil, where Fundacao Educar, a privately funded school, has provided primary education to over 1000 children who would otherwise be destined for illiteracy, and ultimately poverty.

The call to action is simple - help us help those who have so little help. You can give the smallest of donations today. For example, two of our giving campaigns are culminating in about a month. How about giving towards our 0 to 5 NOW or Lower Amazon Rescue campaigns today? Your small donation will likely push us over the top of our target of raising $5000. All donations will go directly to people who are in urgent need of emergency food supplies.

Ultimately, it's your heart of compassion that will determine where you give - either here in the United States or to an organization like Seeds of Life International.

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