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Community Centers in under resourced areas throughout the world have proven to be vital in propelling families out of generational poverty and dysfunction. One of our core beliefs is the building of such community centers is vital to changing the world ONE PERSON, ONE FAMILY, and ONE COMMUNITY at a time.

Celebrate - Seeds of Life International

​Community Centers serve as a foundational component to giving children the opportunity to receive a fundamental education. Tutoring coupled with motivational arts and sporting activities give children a fighting chance to succeed later in life. Thus, stemming the tide of generational poverty and dysfunction.

We are currently in the final phase of the construction of a community center in Curionopolis, Para, Brazil. This area of the lower Amazon is ravaged with systemic family poverty. Often times the underlying symptom of this type of poverty is illiteracy. The newly built community center in Curionopolis will fill a void in a part of the city that is especially under resourced. Our partners in in Curionopolis will provide after school programs, including: tutoring, sports, arts, and workshops. All of which are designed to help children stay on track with their studies. Also, the center will host numerous medical and dental clinics several times a year.

Seeds of Life International - Our Partners in Curionopolis

Currently, we are in the last phases of raising finances to finish the project. We need to raise $2,000 over the next three months to finish the project by the end of the summer.

Click here to help us Finish Strong.

Community Center - Curionopolis, Brazil

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