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The Power of One

Often we are asked, "Why should a person go on a short term humanitarian trip? Wouldn't the money spent on the trip be better served as a donation to a project or direct support?" The answer is quite simple, "No." Each first time team member has an experience that will alter their lives forever. To see the impact one can make on an entire community by simply being available is overwhelming. This year we took a team of 8 people to the lower Amazon, where we sponsored medical and dental clinics, a leadership seminar, beauty and hygiene, and emergency food supply deliveries. Our youngest team member was 17 years old and the oldest turned 69 during our trip.

As our youngest team member so eloquently stated, "I come here because no one else does. No aid groups come here. We are the only ones." Our oldest team member was awe struck out how such a small team, making such small personal sacrifices, could have such a powerful impact.

That's the power of one. When one person makes even the smallest of sacrifices to benefit someone else, the simple act of kindness, through generosity, can have a compounding affect on a person, a family, even an entire community.

This is why Seeds of Life International exists - to be a collective of everyday people working together to compound generosity and kindness with laser like focus on one area of the world.

Making a difference for ONE PERSON, ONE FAMILY, ONE COMMUNITY.

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