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Starfish and Zika

As the story goes, there was a young boy walking along a beach where dozens of starfish lay dying in the hot sun. The boy was picking them up one at a time, throwing them back in the cool ocean waters. An obviously wiser adult spoke, imparting his knowledge to the lad after inquiring what the boy was up to. The man delcared, "You're wasting your time! Look at all the starfish. You will never make a difference, there are too many." The boy stood next to the man, looked down at the starfish in his hand, then turned and tossed it in the ocean. The boy responded, "I made a difference for that one."

Thus the driving philosophy of Seeds of Life International; we agree there are so many troubling issues in the world today, but we are firmly convinced that anyone can make a difference for One Person One Family One Community.

Here is your chance to make that difference by being the kind-hearted boy rather than the wise old sage. We recently went to the Lower Amazon Basin where we discovered that Zika is at epidemic levels in Curiónopolis and Eldorado. In one morning, 9 out of 10 homes visited had residents suffering from Zika.

The medical clinics in both towns have been crowded with hundreds of patients afflicted with the virus. Unfortunately, we didn’t witness any of the exceedingly poor using any type of insect repellent during the two days we spent in Curiónopolis and Eldorado.

Here is where HOPE enters the scene. We are compelled to make a call for immediate donations of $10 or more in the next 30 days. All donor money will be used to purchase insect repellent to send directly to these two communities. Also, we are reaching out to two repellent manufacturers asking for donations of their products. Our goal is to get 1000 plastic containers of lotion repellent to the Lower Amazon by the end of July.

This is an easy way for anyone to make a possible life saving difference for One Person One Family One Community.

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