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Seeds of Life International exists because a core group of dedicated, passionate people believe they can do their part in changing the world, ONE PERSON, ONE FAMILY, and ONE COMMUNITY at a time. Early on we learned one of the most effective mechanisms to bring lasting positive change in families is the establishment of community centers. All over the world, under-resourced families find refuge, resources, and revitalization through community centers.

Curionópolis, Brazil is a small town in the lower Amazon Basin that is ravaged by poverty. In March 2019, we launched an ambitious campaign to raise nearly $15,000 to fund the construction of a community center in Curionópolis. A small band of faithful donors combined to raise the needed funds in less than six months. The result: land was purchased and a building erected in short order.

This community center will be the epicenter of daily life for dozens of families. The center is the cornerstone for building lasting change and growth in the lives of people who lost hope of a better life generations ago. Powerful, lasting change will be the result of investing into this community by focusing on families, with laser focus on youth education and development.Through consistent tutoring, coaching, and encouragement, we believe the youngest of the community will grow into adulthood with opportunities their parents and grandparents never had.

The financial support offered thus far cannot be understated. Your generosity has made the dream of this community center a reality. We are confident your efforts will not be in vain, and we are looking forward to the next opportunity to change this world -


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